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4 Reasons Why Trees Drop Nuts Early

4 Reasons Why Trees Drop Nuts Early Sometimes nut-bearing trees, such as hickory, walnut, and pecan, drop their fruit before full maturity. At times, it can be a natural shedding of a portion of the nut crop. Other causes can be more problematic, including adverse weather conditions, poor tree health, inadequate  pollination, insects, and disease. How Nut Trees Set Fruit Most nut-bearing trees have male pollinators and female flowers, both called catkins. Female flowers produce nuts during the current seasons growth and have to survive through that years growth before the crop of nuts is set. Not all flowers on a tree will produce a nut each year; in fact, they may alternate years.   There can be several natural nut drops between mid-Mays pollination through the end of Augusts fruit set, and they can be minimized by proper tree fertilization. For example, if a tree wasnt adequately pollinated or didnt have enough potassium to set good fruit, there will be nuts that may be malformed with few seeds inside (fruits on the tree grow but embryos inside dont develop). The tree will drop this fruit early because its not biologically sufficient for the trees reproduction. The tree will concentrate its energy on growing fruits that are going to set good seeds. A Trees Physical Condition Poor tree health can cause premature dropping of nuts. A trees health is often compromised because of inadequate nutrient uptake, which is most evident during drought. Insect and disease infestations increase during these times of tree stress and can further degrade a trees condition, especially if trees are growing in poor soil. Any early defoliation will cause nut drop and low-quality fruit. Water and fertilize your tree adequately to make sure it has the proper nutrients to set and grow its fruits. Weather Influence on a Trees Nut Crop Excessive rain or frost during late spring/early summer pollination will cause inadequate pollination of female flowers. Those poorly-pollinated flowers may produce a nut that will drop early or produce no nut at all. Sometimes, male pollen can mature either before or after the female flower is receptive, and this condition is usually weather-related. An extended drought during nut growth may also result in the dropping of tree nuts, particularly if the plant is in sandy soil that dries out quickly. Thats a resource competition drop, or a so-called June drop, as the tree is concentrating its energy on the number of nuts it can support.   Mechanical injury to leaves, flowers, and nuts from hail and wind may cause premature dropping as well. Insects and Diseases of Nut Trees Early pecan scab infection of young nuts will cause nuts to drop and is a major cause of pecan crop failure. Black walnut is highly vulnerable to anthracnose, and the disease is of much concern in commercial orchards. Leaf diseases in nut trees such as scab, scorch, mildew, blotch, brown spot, and downy or vein spot may also cause nut shedding. The pecan nut casebearer probably causes more nut shedding than all other insects combined in pecan orchards. Codling moth causes significant premature nut drop in black walnut groves. Other insects, such as black aphids, walnut caterpillar, shuckworms, stink bugs, and pecan weevils may cause early nut dropping. Avoid using pesticides during flowering, as chemicals can kill beneficial insects and result in inadequate pollination.

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Theories of Intelligence Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Theories of Intelligence - Assignment Example Accordingly, Gardner revealed seven intelligences by which individuals are capable of tapping to solve problems at hand. These intelligences were specifically noted as: linguistic (ability to read, write and communicate), logical-mathematical (ability for logical thinking and to solve mathematical and even scientific problems), spatial (exemplifying navigational or visual architectural and planning skills), bodily kinesthetic (use of physical body in solving problems), musical (innate musical talent), interpersonal (skills towards others), and intrapersonal (skills towards self). Two intelligences: naturalist and existentialist were eventually added to the list (A Brief History of Intelligence Theory, p. 2). The good news is that this theory has been proven have been successfully applied in contemporary classroom settings, for instance, in science subjects through the application of logical-mathematical skills (to solve science problems), spatial and even bodily-kinesthetic through the control of body motions, spaces, and concepts of distance, and of course, needed in all classroom settings, the linguistic intelligence. Teachers and educators should therefore harness these intelligences through closely assessing the strengths of their students and develop the skills and intelligences that are most needed to assist in their overall academic

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MKTG Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

MKTG - Essay Example A-fib has affected about two million people in the United States. It spreads fast whereby there are uncoordinated heartbeats. This disease can lead to development of blood clots that can move to the brain and lead to stroke (Fang, 21-30). Fang (48) asserts that pradaxa should not be taken by people who bleed strangely. One should be advised more by the physician on how to take the drug if he or she is bleeding abnormally. On the other hand, people who are affected by reactions by pradaxa should not take it. A patient who wants to take pradaxa should inform the physician the following issues: the first one is if the patient has any kidney trouble, if he or she has any further medical situation, if the patient is either pregnant or breastfeeding. Research has shown that pradaxa can pass from the mother who is breastfeeding or pregnant to the child and harm the infant in one way or the other. Patients, who have bleeding complications and have been affected by ulcers of the stomach, should not use pradaxa. Prior to undertaking any dental process or surgery, a patient who is taking pradaxa should inform the surgeon or dentist. He should also inform the physician on the medicines that he is taking. This is because some medicines might increase bleeding and affect the functions of pradaxa (Fang, 61-68). It should be taken as the doctor has given prescriptions. It should not be taken more than how the patient has been told by the doctor. Pradaxa can also be taken with no food or with it. Normally, the drug is packed or given in a bottle. Fang (72) says that one should make sure that he finishes a used bottle before moving to an unused one. An opened bottle of pradaxa should be used within a period of four months. It can cause sensitive reactions to other people’s bodies. This is by either having itches or rashes, pains in the chest, tongue and face swelling and even breathing difficulties. It can lead

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Peace and Free

Peace and Freedom throughout a Nation Essay Throughout the course of John F. Kennedy’s inaugural speech, he uses several persuasive appeals such as the idea of peace and freedom to inspire and gain the trust of his Nation.   In the beginning of Kennedy’s speech, he mentions that America will â€Å"pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend [and] oppose any foe† (par 4) for the preservation of liberty. This is an example of parallelism clauses that make clear of Kennedy’s intent to do anything it takes for the survival and liberty. Kennedy states that both sides of a conflict should join in creating â€Å"a new world of law, where the strong are just and the weak are secure and the peace preserved† (par 19). Kennedy’s use of parallelism helps keep the people’s attention to help illustrate his key points of his speech. He later describes the â€Å"power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life,† (par 2) that uses that power to free the peoples of the world. Meaning we have the power to destroy ourselves but it should only be used to better our nation, and create a balance of peace and freedom in the world. During this time the United States was in the beginning of the Cold War and he knew that focuses had to be on containing Communism in order to assure the American people that they were safe. Kennedy constantly reminds the American people that they are a united and strong country that can make it through anything. Kennedy begins four paragraphs in a row with the same words, â€Å"To those,† (par7-8) to illustrate that he is willing to work things out with the countries America is having problems with. His use of repetition helps him remind his country that they can make it through anything in a persuasive way. He also mentions that America can solve problems with their enemies during diplomacy several times. Kennedy amplifies his desire for peace and unity when he repeats, â€Å"Let both sides† (par 14-18) he utilizes alliteration to explain his want for unity instead of division. It is brought to our attention that â€Å"if a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few that are rich (par 8). In order to sustain peace and freedom throughout the nation these things like this need to be recognized. Kennedy creates a common enemy to unite the people’s pride. While discussing newly freed countries he uses a metaphor, saying, â€Å"remember that, in the past, those who foolishly sought power by ridding the back of the tiger ended up inside† (par 7). Also when he says, â€Å"the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans† (par 3) he is using a metaphor showing that America intends to control themselves and let no one else rule them. So our Nation â€Å"should only glow from that fire [that] can truly light the world† (par 12) meaning if everyone does something to benefit the country we will succeed and live and peace. John F. Kennedy did an outstanding job with gaining the trust of his Nation during his 1961 inaugural address. The people were able to feel safe and protected with Kennedy becoming president. The fear of being taken over by a Communist nation lessened, and peace and freedom was sure to come.

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A Competitive Audit of Nestles Milo Essay examples -- Business Manage

A Competitive Audit of Nestle's Milo I plan to produce a SWOT analysis, PEST analysis and a Competitive Audit on Milo. This is because I’m going to need to produce a good analysis on the market place, if I intend to create the best marketing strategy. This is important because there are a range of options available when creating a marketing strategy. Without these analytical processes I will not be able to identify, which strategy is appropriate. I am going to produce a SWOT analysis to find out how effective Milo is operating and what internal factors may influence its success. A SWOT analysis analyses the internal factors that may influence the success of a business. The initials SWOT stand for: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Strengths and Weaknesses are internal factors within the control of the organisation. Opportunities and Threats are outside the control of the organisation. For example, products offered by competitors, or market forces such as seasonal fluctuations in demand. It enables an organisation to plan future activities by considering a number of questions such as: * What are our Strengths? How can we build on them to ensure that we offer a better product than our competitors? * What are our Weaknesses? How can we eliminate them? * What are our Opportunities? How are we going to use them to attract new customers or increase the number of products that existing customers buy? * What are our Threats? How are we going to minimise them so that they do not affect sales of our products? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using a SWOT analysis: Advantages * Identified strengths (value for money) * Identified opportunities for marketing * Identified weaknesses (problems to be addressed) * Identified threats * Structure for analysis Disadvantages * May contain biases (If based whole strategy on SWOT information without considering validity of using other marketing tools could cause strategy to fail) * Results/Importance/Consequences need to be communicated to everyone in company to make it successful not just more paperwork * Prone to Human error * Focus could become too diverse and loose main objectives Here is a SWOT analysis on Milo: Strengths * Only chocolate energy drink * Unique selling point * Big sales in other countries * Part of Nestle (reputation) funds available for relaunch * ... ...ship and adverts in Australia * Advertising on TV, bill boards etc * Sponsorships for large sports events * Last sponsor was the Rugby World Cup * Buy one get on free * 25% extra free etc * Boosts performance makes athletes go 25% longer * Advertisements on T.V, internet websites, bill boards, magazines, etc. To conclude all three process (SWOT, PEST and Competitive Audit) have affected my strategy and marketing decisions. The SWOT analysis has help me to acknowledge and comprehend my weaknesses, which will be a benefit because now I know my weaknesses all I need now is search for a way to eliminate them. The PEST analysis has drawn my awareness to the external forces that may have an influence on the product (Milo). Therefore, when making marketing decisions the factors found will be taking into consideration. The competitive Audit has showed me where Milo’s competitors are (what level they are on) which is also a benefit because I can see what I’m up against, what I have to do to get ahead and whether I’m disadvantaged in anyway. This is very important in the competitive environment because as a competitor, you cannot allow rivals to gain advantages in any form or way.

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The Birth of Venus, Sandro Botticelli

The Birth of Venus, Sandra Poetical Before writing this review of a painting, I asked myself several times of what should I choose, what is my favorite or the most peculiar masterpiece for me? After a short dilemma I figured out that I am fond of Italian Renaissance, especially Early Renaissance. Most of all I enjoy and admire the Florentine School, brightly represented in the paintings of Sandra Poetical. The painting of his that attracts me most is The Birth of Venus. The work on it was accomplished in nearly 1486 and the painting itself is now kept in Fizz, Florence.It is the most famous and recognized reproduction of the myth about the birth of Venus, Roman goddess of love and beauty. Venus is an Italian Renaissance ideal: blonde, pale-skinned, voluptuous. Poetical has picked out highlights in her hair with gold leaf and has emphasized the femininity of her body (long neck, curliness). The brilliant light and soothing colors, the luxurious garden, the gorgeous draperies of the ny mph, and the roses floating around the beautiful nude all suggest that the painting is meant to bring pleasure to the viewer. The naked goddess swims to the coast in the opened pearl shell.Venus is escorted by Zephyr, god of western wind, and Flora, his wife. By this Poetical shows the beauty that Venus brings in our world: freshness from the offshore breeze and dour from the flowers. On the shore she is welcomed by one of the Graces. Therefore, Venue's advent to this world is accompanied by celestial beauty and charm. The background also deserves a special attention. The color of Venue's body is purely divine; the chord is used excellently to show the darkness of the horizon ND to express the feeling of anxiety, fading away, and even mystery.Contrariwise, the front side is saturated with bright colors meaning the commencement of something unknown and heavenly. To sum up, rather than choosing one of the many interpretations offered for Botulism's depiction of The Birth of Venus it m ight be better to view it from a variety of perspectives (mythological, political, religious). Nevertheless, you should definitely get acquainted with this eternal masterpiece for it will always symbolize beauty, magnificence, grace, and divinity.One of the most moon phrases concerning music used by musicians and non-musicians alike is â€Å"Music is the universal language. † But what does that really mean to people? Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and bond people even thousands of miles apart. Even if you don't recall a single melody or flow of notes, still your subconscious has been catching all the music played in the background. Slowly easing and swaying to the rhythm, you enjoy the atmosphere that is created around. To begin with, music is called the universal language of the world because of many reasons.First and the foremost, music is made up of 7 main notes. No matter what part of the world you are and what instrument you play, all the music created is one of the 7 notes. There may be different names for all 7 notes in different parts of the world, but for the performer, they are still the same. Therefore, music is a versatile kind of art that finds approach to every humans taste. Furthermore, being a form of art music can reach the deepest parts of your heart and soul. You don't have to be a patient or a psychologist to understand music.As long as any melody and rhythm aka you feel yourself, it is the best doctor a person can find, and best remedy anyone can recommend. You can recollect your bygones or precious moments of your life. You can think of future, prospects, plans, and ideas. You can relax and take delight in listening to the beat or piano play. Consequently, music can be a reflection of your mood, style, and even life. Finally, like any other language music can express any and every type of emotion. But where it scores more is where the words fell short of expressing, while music can go on and on visualizing all that you ever want to say.Sometimes music is the way you can show love, hatred, anger, fury, calmness etc. It takes only a couple of lines to say what you mean in a very exquisite way. Thus, music is a useful tool to reveal your attitude to things and, what is more, to people. To conclude, no matter how much evolved a form of music is or how sophisticated its approach, music touches everyone's soul. If you do not connect to any music, you probably are losing a part of yourself. Let's celebrate this form of art with a quote by William Shakespeare, â€Å"If music be the food of life, play on†.

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Suffering the Iliad Essay examples - 810 Words

Suffering in The Iliad Suffering seems to be one of the under toning themes of the Iliad. Everyone undergoes the effects of war and battle. The women stand and watch helplessly as their loved ones fight, and live knowing they may never come back. The role of what a ‘man’ or ‘women’ is or should be also causes suffering because of the decisions they must take on. The warriors understand that whichever decision they make to continue in battle or desert, their honor and integrity is at stake and that dilemma causes suffering Although, each person I mention seems to somewhat understand what fate lies ahead of them or of their loved ones, they realize the suffering they will have to eventually go through. As a warrior Achilles has†¦show more content†¦The women in the city of Troy cannot ignore that lives without their husbands is a possibility. Helen, who some would say is the cause of the great battle, understands that she has a fault in the tragedies the men and woman will suffer: â€Å"You are the one hit the hardest by this fighting, Hector/ you more than all – and all for me, slut that I am, /and this blind mad Paris. Oh the two of us!† (VI: 287-289). Hector is valiant, a man of honor, which is the detriment to his fate, an element Andromache cannot help but worry about: â€Å"Clung to his hand, urged him, called him: ‘reckless one, / My Hector – your own fiery courage will destroy you!’† Life without a father for their son causes her most worry: â€Å"Have you no pity for him, our helpless son? Or me? /and that destiny that weighs me down, your widow, /now so soon. Yes, soon they will kill you off,† (VI: 350-352). Androma che understands that Hector is too proud of a warrior to walk away, but fears his death will cause most harm to their child, and many of her days she worries tremendously. Hector himself is conflicted: All this weighs on my mind too, dear woman. But I would die of shame to face the men of Troy and the Trojan woman trailing their long robes if I would shrink from battle now, a coward (VI: 388-341) Not only is being labeled as a cowardShow MoreRelatedSuffering During The Epic The Iliad921 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout the epic The Iliad, written by Homer there is an overall theme of suffering. Suffering occurs when someone is put under an immense amount of sadness and grief. Many people in the epic suffer due to the war. Suffering in regards to war, even today, is mainly caused by loss of loved ones. Loved ones include children and significant others that are fighting or a casualty of the war. The Iliad demonstrates the theme of suffering throughout the epic due to the capturing of women as prizesRead MoreJustice and Love in the Iliad 959 Words   |  4 Pages Simone Weil argues that the way Homer presents war and the use of force in the Iliad, in all of its brutality, violence, and bitterness bathes the work in the light of love and justice (pg 25). The point Weil is making is that by depicting the suffering of all of these men regardless of their side, or strength Home r equalizes them in a â€Å"condition common to all men†(pg 25). Because Homer equalizes them the reader can feel empathy, or at least compassion for all of the men. However while Weil isRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem The Iliad 904 Words   |  4 PagesThe Iliad, which is sometimes referred to as the song of llion, is an ancient Greek poem that was written by Homer. The Iliad takes place towards the end of the Trojan War. In book I of the Odyssey Zeus tells the other gods: â€Å"My word, how mortals take the gods to task! All their afflictions come from us, we hear. And what of their own failings? Greed and folly Double the suffering in the lot of man.† This directly connects to the Iliad because greed and folly is a major theme in this poem. ThisRead More The Iliads Ending Essay895 Words   |  4 Pages Homers Iliad is commonly understood as an epic about the Trojan War, but its meaning goes deeper than that. The Iliad is not only a story of the evolution of Achilleus persona, but at times it is an anti-war epic as well. The final book proposes many questions to the reader. Why not end with the killing of Hektor? Most stories of war conclude with the triumphant victory of good over evil, but in the Iliad, the final thoughts are inclined to the mourning of the defeated Hektor, which accentuatesRead MoreThe Iliad And The Odyssey1498 Words   |  6 PagesAn Influential Poem The Iliad is a poem that provides important stories with insight into early human society. It was an ancient story written centuries ago about two civilizations that battled against each other. â€Å"The Iliad tells the story of the clash of two great civilizations, and the effects of war on both the winners and losers† (Homer 222). In addition to its influence on Greek poetry, the Iliad is a great Homeric epic that has long helped shape critical schools of thought. It is notRead MoreIliad - Self image1193 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿The Iliad Essay Prompt 1. Complete one take home essay. Provide textual evidence, specific lines and incidents from The Iliad that proves your thesis. You may also draw from The Odyssey. Use in text parenthetical documentation according to MLA standards. The style guide that many colleges use is We will use this style guide for both MLA format and grammar and mechanics. If you have any questions about MLA format, refer to This paper needs to read asRead MoreAnger Of Achilles : The Great Warrior Achilles1250 Words   |  5 PagesAchilles â€Å"ANGER – sing, goddess, the anger of Achilles son of Peleus, that accursed anger, which brought the Greeks endless sufferings and sent the mighty souls of many warriors to Hades, leaving their bodies as carrion for the dogs and a feast for the birds; and Zeus’s purpose was fulfilled. It all began when Agamemnon lord of men and godlike Achilles quarrelled and parted† (Iliad 4). What is anger and how does it influence the body? Anger is a powerful emotion. If it isn’t handled appropriately, itRead MoreTrojan War and Iliad1134 Words   |  5 Pagesevidence from the poems gives evidence of familiarity with the topography and place-names of this area of  Asia Minor, for example, Homer refers to meadow birds at the mouth of the  Caystros(Iliad  2.459–63), a storm in the  Icarian  sea (Iliad  2.144–6), and mentions that women in  Maeonia  and  Caria  stain ivory with scarlet (Iliad  4.142). Valeree Shayne C. Aranas IV-2 SHS C. Comprehension Questions 1. Book I Read MoreComparison between The Iliad and The Women of Troy Essay903 Words   |  4 PagesThe Iliad by Homer and the Women of Troy by Euripides are both Greek works of literature that look at the Trojan War from different perspectives. Book 6 of the Iliad illustrates that the ultimate glory is to fight for the city with no regard to the impact on the family. The Women of Troy focuses on the negatives that war causes, especially towards the soldier’s wives and children. Whereas the Iliad focuses on the battle itself and centers on the warriors, the Women of Troy focuses on the wrathRead MoreAnalysis Of Homer s The Iliad Essay1231 Words   |  5 Pagesthe Iliad is a tale of war and aggression (Puchner 183). Written in the 8th century, it remains relevant to society today. The basis of the Iliad, warfare, brings with it portrayals of death, grief, and the real problem with humankind: we are not peaceful beings. In a war-ridden world, these topics remain pertinent to society. These terrors of war showcased in the Iliad generate an anti-war message. With this said, Homer creates a timeless lesson against war with his work. While the Iliad has been